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Phu Quoc Aquarium: A great place for wonderful aquatic encounters

17/01/2024 9.821

Phu Quoc Aquarium is among the top 5 largest aquariums in the world. With its grandeur, the aquarium opens its doors to a realm where the mysteries of marine life unfold in a spectacular display.

Phu Quoc Aquarium

Phu Quoc Aquarium, nestled within the captivating realm of VinWonders Phu Quoc, stands as a beacon of marine wonder in Phu Quoc Island. As part of the country's largest theme park, Phu Quoc Aquarium invites Vietnam travel visitors to embark on a mesmerizing journey into the depths of the ocean.

1. What features does Phu Quoc Aquarium offer?

Nestled within the theme park of VinWonders Phu Quoc, Phu Quoc Aquarium stands out as one of the world’s largest aquariums. You can explore its wonders every day starting from 10 AM. Boasting thousands of unique marine creatures, the aquarium is sure to delight each and every visitor who steps through its doors.

Phu Quoc Aquarium, sometimes also referred to as Sea Shell Aquarium, is divided into 5 zones:

  • Midnight Drifters 
  • The Aquatic Treasure
  • The Frozen Palace
  • Sharklantis 
  • Realm Of Giants

Aside from the dazzling expanse of the endless ocean, Phu Quoc Aquarium offers visitors an opportunity to admire fish-feeding shows and mermaid performances.

Phu Quoc Aquarium

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2. How much is the Phu Quoc Aquarium ticket price?

To enter Phu Quoc Aquarium, you will need to purchase a VinWonders Phu Quoc ticket, which is:

  • 950,000 VND for guests with a height from 140 centimeters 
  • 710,000 VND for guests with a height between 100 and 140 centimeters 
  • 710,000 VND for guests above 60 years old 

>>> Book tickets of VinWonders Phu Quoc in advance for the best deal! 

3. Top outstanding experiences in Phu Quoc Aquarium

3.1. Witness the Gentoo penguins

Gentoo penguins are charismatic creatures native to the sub-Antarctic regions. The aquarium provides a carefully curated environment that mimics the penguins' natural habitat, so visitors can see these incredible birds up close. They will waddle around for photos and glide through the water, showcasing their streamlined bodies and impressive swimming skills. 

Phu Quoc Aquarium

3.2. Explore the wonderful ocean life

Phu Quoc Aquarium covers a sprawling 15,000 square meters and spans across three floors. Here, visitors can: 

  • Dive into a mesmerizing realm of jellyfish: The aquarium brings a dazzling spectacle with over 1,260 unique jellyfish.
  • Immerse themselves in the world of vibrant fish: With more than 18,000 species of saltwater and freshwater fish freely navigating through stunning coral reefs, the aquarium becomes a colorful showcase.
  • Experience the charm of penguins: The aquarium serves as a haven for adorable penguin species like African, Adelie, Gentoo, Humboldt, King, and Rockhopper. 
  • Encounter the realm of formidable sharks: Explore the kingdom of these oceanic predators, including hammerhead sharks, blacktip sharks, whitetip sharks, and more.
  • Delve into a world of giant fish: Step into the habitat of colossal fish, whose size may seem unreal.
  • Capture some memories: There are many opportunities to capture colorful photos and videos to take home as keepsakes. 
Phu Quoc Aquarium

3.3. Enjoy fantastic mermaid performances

The mermaid performances at the aquarium adds a touch of fantasy to the underwater world, captivating visitors of all ages. As visitors gather around the performing area, the aquarium transforms into a magical realm. Professional mermaid performers adorned in elaborate costumes take center stage. Their graceful movements mimic the elegance often associated with mythical mermaids. Visitors can also witness the harmonious coexistence between the mermaids and real-life aquatic residents. The blend of fantasy and reality together creates a visually stunning spectacle.

Phu Quoc Aquarium

3.4. Watch captivating shark-feeding shows

Witnessing shark-feeding shows is another thrilling experience you should not miss out on at Phu Quoc Aquarium. Skilled aquarists conduct these demonstrations, showcasing the sharks' natural hunting instinct and agility. Visitors can observe the sharks as they swiftly and gracefully navigate the water to catch their prey.

The aquarium prioritizes safety, and the feeding shows are conducted with careful consideration of both the sharks and the audience. Protective barriers and transparent panels ensure that visitors can observe without any risk. After the show, visitors can take photos with the aquarists near the shark tanks, creating memorable moments and allowing for a deeper connection with these incredible marine animals.

Phu Quoc Aquarium

3.5. Enjoy exquisite cuisine in a miniature oceanic space

Apart from exploring the mysterious oceanic realm, Phu Quoc Aquarium offers opportunities for savoring delectable dishes. During your journey, consider these ideal stops:

  • Deep Sea Cafeteria: Recharge your energy at the Deep Sea Cafeteria, where tempting food options await, allowing you to refuel before continuing your exploration.
  • Seahorse Restaurant: Indulge in culinary delights at the Seahorse Restaurant, where refined flavors are savored in a luxurious setting with European decor.

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4. Essential notes for your trip to Phu Quoc Aquarium

  • When recording videos or taking photos, avoid using flashlights to prevent any disturbance to marine creatures.
  • Do not feed the animals without permission.
  • Exploring the aquarium requires a fair bit of walking, so visitors should wear comfortable clothes and shoes for ease of movement.
  • The aquarium is located within the theme park of VinWonders Phu Quoc, so there are many other entertainment activities for you to take part in, including thrilling rides, lively shows, shopping opportunities, etc. 
Phu Quoc Aquarium

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Besides Phu Quoc Aquarium, Phu Quoc Island is adorned with a range of other captivating attractions. From the vibrant splendor of Grand World Phu Quoc, the wildlife encounters at Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc, the historical insights at Phu Quoc Prison, the cultural charm of Ham Ninh Fishing Village to the pristine beauty of Fingernail Island, there is no shortage of remarkable experiences on the pearl island. 

Furthermore, you can relax at the serene Starfish Beach, explore the lush landscapes of Phu Quoc National Park, or bask in the tranquility of Ong Lang Beach. Venture to May Rut Island for a secluded paradise, immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Phu Quoc Night Market and Duong Dong Market, or escape the bustle at Su Muon Pagoda. There is no shortage of things to do in Phu Quoc, ensuring every traveler finds their own unique slice of fun.

To conveniently explore all these attractions, consider staying at Vinpearl Phu Quoc, also part of the Vinpearl complex in Phu Quoc. Vinpearl offers luxurious rooms and world-class amenities such as swimming pools, spas, gyms, restaurants, and bars. The staff also offer attentive service, so your stay will surely be nothing short of extraordinary.

Phu Quoc Aquarium

>>> Book rooms in Vinpearl Phu Quoc to secure accommodations in advance!

Phu Quoc Aquarium is a jewel within the vibrant tapestry of VinWonders Phu Quoc, a must-visit destination for those exploring the wonders of Vietnam. Offering a glimpse into the mesmerizing underwater world, this aquarium not only captivates with its grandeur but also provides a unique opportunity for visitors to connect with the beauty of our oceans.

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