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Queen's Beach Quy Nhon: Embark on a magnificent journey amidst nature

24/01/2024 5.708

Queen's Beach Quy Nhon is one of the most picturesque beaches in Quy Nhon, with breathtaking natural beauty coupled with exhilarating experiences.

Queen's Beach Quy Nhon

Queen's Beach Quy Nhon is a stunning beach located in Quy Nhon – a well-known coastal city in Vietnam. If you are a beginner who wants to visit this beach, you have come to the right place. We will show you all the information you need to know about this beach, including location, transportation, the best time to visit, and things to do here.

1. About Queen's Beach Quy Nhon: Location, history

Queen's Beach Quy Nhon is renowned as one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam. Stretching over 5 kilometers with pristine white sand, crystal-clear water, and breathtaking surroundings, it attracts thousands of tourists annually coming to sightsee, swim, and relax.

This beach is named after Queen Nam Phuong, the last empress of the Nguyen Dynasty. During the colonial period, the beach served as a resort for the French military. Later on, it became a famous tourist attraction.

Queen's Beach Quy Nhon

At Queen's Beach Quy Nhon, visitors can enjoy the fresh sea breeze, swim in the water, unwind on the white sandy shore, and admire the picturesque natural scenery. You can also engage in activities such as surfing, fishing, sunbathing, and exploring nearby historical landmarks.

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2. The best time to explore Queen's Beach Quy Nhon

Quy Nhon experiences two distinct seasons: the rainy season and the dry season. If you are planning a Quy Nhon tour, it is advisable to consider coming between March and September. This period marks Quy Nhon's dry season, characterized by clear skies, abundant sunshine, and little to no rainfall, making it ideal for you to engage in outdoor activities.

Queen's Beach Quy Nhon

3. How to get to Queen's Beach Quy Nhon?

To reach Queen's Beach, you have various transportation options depending on your preferences and personal circumstances.

If you choose to travel by plane, you can book a flight to Phu Cat Airport in Quy Nhon. From the airport, you can take a taxi to Queen's Beach, which is approximately 30 kilometers away.

If you are in Ho Chi Minh City or neighboring cities, you can travel to Quy Nhon by bus or train. From the city center, you can take a taxi to Queen’s Beach. There are also frequent buses to Quy Nhon from nearby cities.

And suppose that you want to enjoy the beautiful coastal scenery, the most common means of transportation is by car. You can rent a car in Quy Nhon to travel to the beach, which is about 20 kilometers away. Additionally, you can travel by motorbike if you prefer so.

Queen's Beach Quy Nhon

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4. Things to experience at Queen's Beach Quy Nhon

4.1. Admire the breathtaking natural beauty

The pristine and enchanting scenery of Queen's Beach Quy Nhon has always left people mesmerized, yearning to return even after they have gone home. 

Not only does this Binh Dinh beach possess clear blue water, it also captivates visitors with its smooth round stones resembling bird eggs, adding an element of fascination. That is also why this beach is also called Egg Beach or Stone Egg Beach in Quy Nhon. 

Here, you can take off your shoes and walk barefoot on the stones. The sensation of the rocks and water under your feet will undoubtedly bring a delightful experience.

Queen's Beach Quy Nhon

4.2. Take part in many fantastic activities

If you are looking for a tranquil and beautiful destination with exciting activities, Queen's Beach is definitely the perfect choice for you. Here, you can try various unique activities that guarantee enjoyable and memorable experiences.

Try the sensation of cycling along the coastline. You can comfortably enjoy the ocean's vast beauty, breathe in the fresh air, and admire the continuous rolling waves. You can easily rent bicycles at hotels or nearby bike shops.

If you enjoy the thrill of surfing, give it a try here. With gentle waves, Queen's Beach Quy Nhon is a perfect place for beginners learning to surf. You can rent surfboards at nearby water sports centers. Furthermore, you can savor local specialties at nearby restaurants or enjoy fantastic cocktails at nearby bars.

Queen's Beach Quy Nhon

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If you are an ocean lover, besides Queen’s Beach Quy Nhon, you’d definitely love to explore other stunning beaches scattered everywhere in Vietnam. Chief among them is Long Beach in Phu Quoc, Doc Let Beach in Nha Trang, An Bang Beach in Hoi An, My Khe Beach in Da Nang, Ti Top Beach in Ha Long, etc.

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Queen's Beach Quy Nhon

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All in all, Queen's Beach Quy Nhon offers a serene and picturesque getaway for you. With its tranquil beauty and a range of exciting activities like cycling along the coastline or surfing on the gentle waves, a trip to Queen’s Beach promises a memorable and rejuvenating experience by the sea.

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