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Tien Ong Cave: Where Ha Long's history and natural beauty resonate

16/01/2024 5.569

Tien Ong Cave, one of the most stunning limestone caves in Ha Long with a finely constructed karst landscape, has captured the hearts of countless local and international visitors who have been captivated by its unspoiled magnificence.

Tien Ong Cave

If you intend to include Ha Long Bay in your Vietnam travel journey, you should not miss out on the opportunity to visit Tien Ong Cave in this splendid bay. With its abundance of stalagmites resembling glistening chandeliers, the cave has enchanted the souls of travelers, securing its place as one of Ha Long's most splendid caverns. Read on to find out some interesting information about this charming cave!

1. About Tien Ong Cave: Location and key features

Situated on Cai Tat Island, Tien Ong Cave occupies a sprawling expanse of nearly 1,000 square meters. This captivating cavern is strategically positioned approximately 20 kilometers to the south of Ha Long City and an approximate distance of 5 to 7 kilometers to the east of Cat Ba Island in Hai Phong. The geographical proximity of this magnificent cave to the Cua Van Floating Fishing Village adds to its allure.

Tien Ong Cave

While Tien Ong Cave boasts exceptional and distinct qualities, it distinguishes itself from Ha Long Bay caves. The traditional narrow entrances and expansive interiors, commonly observed in most Halong Bay caves, take a remarkable turn with the cave's unique configuration. Here, a 50-meter-wide and 14-meter-high entrance welcomes visitors, leading them into a voluminous interior space that spans around 1,000 square meters. At an elevation of 5 meters above sea level, the cave delves to a depth of 50 meters, enveloping an area of 1,000 square meters. Notably, the cave is almost bifurcated into two chambers by an imposing, weathered stone pillar, offering a rustic and timeless ambiance.

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2. Things to know about the history of Tien Ong Cave

Similar to some Vietnam caves, Tien Ong Cave is not just a stunning natural wonder but also holds a significant role in ancient Vietnamese history. Archaeological findings from as far back as 10,000 BC to 8,000 BC have unveiled a tale of human habitation within the cave's sheltered walls. Thanks to the unique position of the cave facing the southeast, it was protected from harsh winds, while stalactite formations provided comfort for people to live inside.

Tien Ong Cave

Explorations starting in 1938 discovered valuable artifacts like bones and tools, which give us insights into the lives of those who once called this cave home. When you enter the cave, remnants of snails and primitive tools scattered around will also allow you to learn more about the routines of the past inhabitants. It can be said that the cave serves as a tangible link to the past, where nature and human history intersect.

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3. What to see inside Tien Ong Cave Ha Long Bay?

Inside Tien Ong Cave in Ha Long Bay, there are numerous enchanting wonders waiting for eager explorers. When you go into the cave's inner sanctum, your heart will be captured by the remarkable stalactite formation. It bears a striking resemblance to an elderly man with a serene countenance, flowing hair, and a dignified beard. In addition, there are other stalactites that look like resplendent peacocks, stately crocodiles, or valiant warriors. Recently, colorful LED lights have been artfully integrated to enhance their charms, and they cast a mesmerizing glow upon these natural sculptures. 

Tien Ong Cave

In addition, travelers can also admire a lot of archaeological relics, such as bone tools, animal bones, and freshwater snail shells, displayed inside the cave. When visiting the exhibit, visitors can learn more about the history, culture, and geological forces that contributed to the formation of this extraordinary wonder. The cave's archaeological exhibit has captured the interest of both local and international tourists, so don’t forget to explore this exhibition.

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4. The full guide for your expedition to Tien Ong Cave

4.1. When is the best time to explore Tien Ong Cave?

The best time to visit Tien Ong Cave depends on the season and what you prefer. In summer, the cave is a great escape from the hot weather, offering a cool and refreshing atmosphere. On the other hand, during winter, the cave provides a cozy shelter from the cold and windy conditions outside.

Tien Ong Cave

It is worth noting that from September to November, typhoons may occur. These atmospheric tempests can unpredictably disrupt even the best-laid plans, potentially affecting your Halong Bay adventure, including your rendezvous with the cave. To ensure an uninterrupted and unforgettable experience, it is advisable to check Ha Long Bay weather in advance, thereby securing the smoothest and most enjoyable journey through the captivating realm of Halong Bay.

4.2. How to get to Tien Ong Cave in Ha Long Bay?

For those eager to unveil the secrets of this subterranean marvel, a strategic approach is key. You can consider booking an overnight cruise, be it the immersive 2 days 1 night or the more leisurely 3 days 2 nights option. It is crucial to ensure that the cruise itinerary specifically includes a visit to the cave, as not all cruises incorporate this unique experience. Tourists can book cruises from some reliable companies, such as Paradise Elegance Cruise, Pelican Cruise, and Paradise Peak Cruise, with prices ranging from 149 to 280 USD per person.

Tien Ong Cave

The cruise will navigate its course, guiding you past the enchanting Cua Van Floating Village. A picturesque backdrop of traditional stilt houses and serene waters will grace your passage. As your vessel gracefully docks at Tien Ong Cave, you will have the golden opportunity to explore its mysteries for approximately an hour. 

4.3. Extra tips for the best Tien Ong Cave tour

For an amazing Tien Ong Cave tour experience, consider these valuable tips that will help you have a smooth trip:

  • Keep your comfort and safety in mind by opting for practical footwear. The path inside the cave can be quite slippery, so leave the high heels behind and slip into a pair of sneakers or sturdy shoes that offer traction and support.
  • The cave's internal climate is cooler compared to the outside temperature. Thus, you should pack a light coat or jacket to ensure you remain comfortable during your exploration.
  • And don’t forget to capture photographs of this intriguing cave to preserve your beautiful memories in Vietnam. 
Tien Ong Cave

Besides Tien Ong Cave, there are some stunning caves in Ha Long that tourists should spend time exploring, including Sung Sot Cave, Thien Cung Cave, Dau Go Cave, Thien Canh Son Cave. In addition, Ha Long has many other must-visit destinations, such as Bai Tu Long Bay, Ti Top Island, Tuan Chau Island, Cua Van Floating Village, Quang Ninh Museum, Bai Tho Mountain, Ha Long Night Market

When coming to Ha Long, tourists should choose a good place to stay to enjoy the trip to the fullest. Among the wide range of hotels in Ha Long Bay, it is highly recommended that you stay at the luxurious and all-inclusive Vinpearl Resort & Spa Ha Long.

Tien Ong Cave


Tien Ong Cave


Tien Ong Cave

Vinpearl Resort & Spa Ha Long stands as a distinctive establishment in Northern Vietnam, ingeniously erected atop the sea's surface. The resort enthralls guests with its trio of secluded beaches, expanses rich in verdant beauty, and an expansive open-air swimming pool of grand proportions. Opting for a sojourn at this resort grants you access to opulent amenities, the indulgent sanctuary of Vincharm Spa, and the delight of exquisite dining escapades within esteemed 5-star eateries.

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Tien Ong Cave's resplendent grandeur and its treasure trove of ancient artifacts serve as an enchanting draw for both devoted Halong Bay enthusiasts and passionate archaeology aficionados alike. Hopefully, this article will help you plan a remarkable journey with your cherished friends and beloved family to one of Ha Long Bay's most captivating caverns.

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