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Weather in Vietnam in January: What to know to have a comfortable trip

18/05/2023 6.418

Getting to know the weather in Vietnam in January helps tourists to have a comfortable trip to Vietnam. Each region of Vietnam has its own climate, which will somewhat affect your travel plans.

Weather in Vietnam in January

To be well-prepared for your Vietnam travel, researching the weather in Vietnam in January or Vietnam climate in January is necessary. This article will help you find out the best places to visit in Vietnam in January and some useful tips to enjoy your trip to the fullest.

1. About the weather in Vietnam in January: The North

The weather in North Vietnam in January is generally cold and dry. This is also the winter season out of the four seasons in Vietnam. Temperatures can drop to around 10°C, especially in mountainous areas. It is also common to experience fog and drizzles during this time. If you want to experience Vietnam in winter, consider visiting Sapa or Ha Giang in January.

1.1. Weather in Hanoi Vietnam in January

Weather in Vietnam in January

January in Hanoi offers pleasant daytime temperatures, with an average maximum of 19.4°C and an average minimum of around 13.9°C. January is also a dry month with little rain and low humidity. As the coldest month of the year, January is a great time for your Hanoi travel plan to explore famous tourist attractions, immerse in Tet Holiday, and enjoy local specialties. 

1.2. Weather in Sapa Vietnam in January

Sapa weather in January is a prime example of the weather in Vietnam in January, being dry and cold. January is considered one of the best months to visit Sapa, with pleasant temperatures ranging from 14.8°C to 21.1°C and little rain. With these conditions, visitors can enjoy Sapa's natural beauty and cultural heritage comfortably, especially nature lovers who want to witness the stunning flowers blooming in the glorious snow.

Weather in Vietnam in January

1.3. Weather in Ha Long Bay

Although not a popular tourist spot in January, visiting Ha Long on cold and foggy days has its perks. First, like the average weather in Vietnam in January, Ha Long Bay weather is pleasantly cool, making it ideal for hiking, trekking, and climbing. Second, Ha Long Bay is renowned for its spectacular cruise trips, which take you through a maze of limestone islands and turquoise waters. Celebrating the Lunar New Year on a cruise in the thick fog is a unique experience that you will never forget.

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2. Weather in Vietnam in January in the Central region

With the rainy season drawing to a close in January, the weather in Central Vietnam improves with less likelihood of rainfall, particularly during the latter part of the month. The average temperature stands at 23°C, and the beaches in Hoi An, Da Nang, and Nha Trang shed their winter coats and welcome visitors to their shores once again.

2.1. Weather in Hoi An

Weather in Vietnam in January

Hoi An, a UNESCO-recognized ancient town, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Vietnam during January, with pleasant Hoi An weather. The average maximum temperature is 22.9°C, while the average minimum temperature drops to around 20.0°C, with moderate rainfall. 

With a unique mix of Japanese, Vietnamese, and Chinese influences, Hoi An is a living museum of the bustling trading history of this region. Some must-visit places in Hoi An are: the Ancient Town with hundreds of lanterns lighting up the streets, An Bang and Cua Dai Beaches for beach lovers, etc.

2.2. Weather in Da Nang

Weather in Vietnam in January

Regarding the weather in Vietnam in January, Da Nang is considered one of the best places to visit in Vietnam in January. During this time, Da Nang weather is cool and dry, with an average temperature ranging from 19.6°C to 22.7°C. You can swim at My Khe Beach, sunbathe on Non Nuoc Beach, or explore the awe-inspiring Linh Ung Pagoda. A food excursion is also highly recommended, as Da Nang has a range of mouth-watering dishes available for you to try and savor on a beautiful day.

2.3. Weather in Nha Trang

Weather in Vietnam in January

Regarding places with the best weather in Vietnam in January, Nha Trang is widely considered one of the best destinations to visit, thanks to its stunning beaches, offshore islands, and excellent dive sites. Nha Trang weather during this month is particularly beautiful, with little rain and an average temperature ranging from 21.4°C to 24.8°C, which is perfect for outdoor activities. Some must-visit attractions in Nha Trang include VinWonders Nha Trang, Nha Trang Night Market, Ponagar Cham Towers, and Hon Chong Promontory. 

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3. Weather in South Vietnam in January

The weather in South Vietnam in January is most pleasant and favorable, with blue skies, sunshine, and little rainfall across the region. Overall, January is the best time to visit Vietnam for those seeking warm, sunny weather in the Southern region, making it one of the peak seasons in Vietnam.

3.1. Weather in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam in January

Weather in Vietnam in January

January is a great time to visit Ho Chi Minh City, as you can enjoy both the nice Sai Gon weather and the vibrant atmosphere of the Lunar New Year. The weather is warm, with an average temperature that varies between 21.9°C and 29.2°C. This provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy the clear blue skies and warm sunshine while exploring the city. Additionally, make sure not to miss out on the stunning fireworks lighting up the city's skyline, marking the start of a week-long Tet Holiday.

3.2. Weather on Phu Quoc Island

Weather in Vietnam in January

January is the perfect time to explore the stunning Phu Quoc Island in Southern Vietnam. With temperatures hovering between 25-28°C and humidity levels remaining low, Phu Quoc weather is suitable for visitors to indulge in outdoor activities such as swimming, snorkeling, and diving. Don’t forget to discover the hidden gems of Ong Lang Beach, Bai Sao Beach, Khem Beach, and Duong Dong Town while you are here. These islands have managed to preserve their pristine beauty, making them ideal destinations for a relaxing vacation.

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3.3. Weather in Mekong Delta

If you are seeking an ideal destination with great weather in Vietnam in January, the Mekong Delta should be on your bucket list. This region boasts a vast network of canals and rivers interwoven with expansive rice fields, creating breathtaking landscapes. With average temperatures ranging from 22.6°C to 29.6°C, the weather is comfortable and perfect for engaging in outdoor activities in this bustling trading hub of the South.

The Mekong Delta is home to several popular attractions that you should not miss out on. These include the vibrant floating markets in Can Tho which boasts a myriad of colorful flowers, fruits, and vegetables, and Tra Su Cajuput Forest in An Giang which is home to various rare species of animals and plants.

Weather in Vietnam in January

If you are planning to visit some of the best destinations with pleasant weather in Vietnam in January, consider staying at the Vinpearl hotel and resort system for added convenience. With multiple branches scattered throughout the country, Vinpearl boasts impressive architectural designs and stunning natural landscapes that will leave you in awe. 

At Vinpearl, you can expect an international-standard stay that caters to all your needs. The extensive range of services here includes luxurious spas, refreshing swimming pools, modern shopping malls, thrilling amusement parks, mesmerizing aquariums, delectable restaurants, spacious conference halls, and even pristine golf courses. Whether you are traveling for business or leisure, Vinpearl has got you covered.

Weather in Vietnam in January

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In conclusion, the weather in Vietnam in January is typically pleasant and favorable for outdoor activities. From the stunning beaches of Phu Quoc to the majestic Mekong Delta region, there is an array of destinations to choose from. So, pack your bags and get ready to experience the best of Vietnam's natural beauty and vibrant culture this January!

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