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Hanoi's weather in September: What to know to plan your trip accordingly

09/01/2024 10.710

With the beautiful Hanoi weather in September, travel enthusiasts cannot miss out on a Hanoi trip to enjoy the autumn atmosphere, discover unique local delicacies, and engage in exciting activities.

Hanoi weather in September

With pleasant temperatures, gentle breezes, and occasional showers, Hanoi's weather in September is ideal for Hanoi travel. Tourists can indulge in the seasonal delicacies unique to Hanoi's autumn and immerse themselves in the cultural activities that make this time of year truly special.

1. Hanoi's weather in September: Which season is it? 

September is the last month of the rainy season in Hanoi. This is a transitional period between summer and autumn, making the weather more comfortable and pleasant.

1.1. What is the average temperature in Hanoi in September?

Hanoi's weather in September is mild, with average daily temperatures ranging from 24 to 31°C. Hot periods occur during midday and decrease gradually at the end of the day. Overall, the weather in Hanoi during September is suitable for outdoor activities.

Hanoi weather in September

1.2. What is the average amount of rainfall in Hanoi during September?

September marks the end of Hanoi's rainy season. Hanoi's weather in September has 14 wet days, with an average rainfall of up to 265 millimeters. Although the rainfall is lower than in previous months, there can still be thunderstorms. Nonetheless, tourists can spend a lot of time outdoors.

1.3. Other features of Hanoi's weather in September 

Hanoi's weather in September sees a rise in wind speed, with an average of 2.4 meters per second at the beginning of the month and 2.8 meters per second by the end. Daytime is generally windier than nighttime, with winds reaching up to 3.7 meters per second. 

The city also maintains a high humidity level, averaging around 73% throughout September. Daylight hours gradually shorten, with the end of the month having the shortest duration of daylight (11 hours and 58 minutes).

Hanoi weather in September

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2. Is September a good time to visit Hanoi? What to do during your trip?

Hanoi's weather in September is ideal for immersing yourself in the festive atmosphere and participating in exciting activities. Make sure to include the following attractions in your itinerary for the most memorable experience.

This is a modern entertainment complex. VinKE is an exciting indoor paradise that offers numerous job simulation games for children, along with other activities for the whole family. Meanwhile, Vinpearl Aquarium is where you can explore a fascinating underwater world by walking through a transparent tunnel and admiring sea creatures.

Hanoi weather in September


Hanoi weather in September
  • Hanoi Old Quarter: Immerse yourself in bustling streets filled with vibrant markets, traditional shops, and delectable street food
  • Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum: Here, you can pay homage to Vietnam's revered leader and see the nearby Presidential Palace
  • Temple of Literature: Discover Vietnam's first national university, a serene complex known for its stunning architecture and historical significance
  • One Pillar Pagoda: Visit an iconic Buddhist pagoda known for its unique design and delve into its spiritual ambiance
  • Ta Hien Street: Also known as the Beer Street, this is where you can savor local beer, indulge in street food, and experience Hanoi's lively nightlife
  • Dong Xuan Market: Get lost in the vibrant atmosphere of this bustling market, which offers a wide array of goods
  • Hanoi Opera House: Admiring the grandeur of an architectural masterpiece, where exquisite performances and cultural events take place
  • Hoan Kiem Lake: Take a stroll around this picturesque lake, cross The Huc Tower to Ngoc Son Temple, and spot the Turtle Tower
  • Long Bien Bridge: This is an iconic landmark that spans the Red River, offering scenic views and a glimpse into Hanoi's history
  • Fine Arts Museum: Explore a diverse range of traditional and contemporary artworks over the thousand-year history of Vietnam
Hanoi weather in September

>>> Book tickets of VinKE & Vinpearl Aquarium to experience countless recreational activities!

3. Tips for your trip based on Hanoi's weather in September

To fully enjoy your trip to Hanoi in September, you can consider the following tips to ensure a smooth travel experience:

  • Bring a light jacket for cooler mornings and evenings
  • Bring a hat and umbrella for unexpected rain showers
  • Research the attractions in advance for appropriate outfits and great photo opportunities
  • Use online payment methods instead of carrying excessive cash
  • Consider renting a motorbike to experience the autumn atmosphere in Hanoi
  • Plan ahead and choose a suitable accommodation for convenient transportation

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Besides Hanoi, Vietnam boasts many other alluring destinations in September, like Phu Quoc, Nha Trang, Hoi An, Da Nang, and Ha Long. Exploring these destinations, you should treat yourself to an exceptional stay at a luxurious accommodation. Among countless choices, the Vinpearl hotel and resort system is highly recommended. 

Vinpearl’s properties offer a wide range of world-class amenities and services, from elegant accommodations with breathtaking views to exquisite dining options that cater to your every culinary desire. At Vinpearl, your journey to explore Vietnam will be elevated, ensuring an unforgettable experience.

Hanoi weather in September

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Hanoi's weather in September offers the perfect blend of mild weather and captivating beauty. As you wander through the streets filled with refreshing cool breezes, you will find tranquility and joy. The gentle weather in September will set the stage for delightful sightseeing and a wide array of activities in this vibrant capital city.

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