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Saigon Center: Your gateway to luxury and style in Ho Chi Minh City

26/01/2024 6.674

Explore a world of sophistication at Saigon Center with top-notch options for shopping, dining, entertainment, etc. and experience the pinnacle of elegance and refinement in the heart of the city.

Saigon Center

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Ho Chi Minh City, Saigon Center offers a haven for discerning individuals seeking the finest Vietnam travel experiences. Step into a world of sophistication, where top-notch shopping, exquisite dining, and captivating entertainment converge to create an unparalleled urban escape.

1. Where is Saigon Center Takashimaya? How to get there?

Saigon Center Takashimaya has a prime location in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. This mall is situated along one of the city's major streets, Le Loi, spanning an entire block. This location makes it easily accessible and within walking distance to several prominent landmarks. Visitors can enjoy a leisurely stroll to Ben Thanh Market, Nguyen Hue Walking Street, the People’s Committee, and the Opera House, all of which are just a short distance away from Saigon Center Takashimaya.

Saigon Center

To reach Saigon Center Takashimaya, there are various transportation options for you to consider:

  • Motorbike or car: You can access this mall via parking entrances on both the adjacent Pasteur Street and Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street.
  • Bus: If you prefer to take the bus, buses number 4, 18, 19, 35, and 36 have stops located just a short walk away from Saigon Center.
  • Taxi: For those using taxi services, you can be dropped off at either entrances on Pasteur Street or Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street.

2. Overview of the architecture of Saigon Center Shopping Mall

This big shopping mall in Ho Chi Minh City is situated in Saigon Center Tower, featuring a contemporary design blended with the cityscape. The multi-story mall offers diverse retail outlets, including international and local fashion brands, electronics stores, and lifestyle shops. It also houses anchor tenants to draw significant foot traffic. 

Here, visitors can enjoy various dining options and occasional events. The mall provides ample parking, accessibility features, and environmentally friendly initiatives.

Saigon Center

3. Popular types of stores you can find in Saigon Center

Saigon Centre Vietnam offers a wide range of stores catering to various interests and preferences. Some popular types of stores you can find here include:

  • Bakeries & dessert/beverage shops: Beard’s Papa, Bee Cheng Hiang, Breadtalk, Gong Cha, etc.
  • Cosmetics: Chanel, Dior, NARS, Thann, The Body Shop, etc.
  • Department stores: Cuckoo, Nihon Toki, Q Home, etc.
  • Fashion: Calvin Klein, CHILENO, Annacoco, Lacoste, Levi’s, Uniqlo Saigon Center, etc.
  • Restaurants/cafes: Haidilao Saigon Center, Gogi Saigon Center, Dim Tu Tac Saigon Center, Pizza 4P Saigon Center, etc.
  • Sportswear: Adidas Saigon Center, Reebok Saigon Center, Nike Saigon Center, etc.
Saigon Center

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4. Which brands are located on each floor of Saigon Center?

4.1. Level B1

  • Annacoco 
  • Beauty Box
  • Umbrella
  • Cosette
  • Chileno

4.2. Level B2

  • Annam Café
  • Annam Gourmet Market
  • Highlands Coffee
  • McDonald's
  • Meat & Meet

4.3. Level L1

  • Channel
  • NARS
  • Marc Jacobs
  • Hublot
  • Moschino

4.4. Level L2

  • SIX DO
  • Lacoste
  • Charles & Keith
  • Starbuck
  • LYN

4.5. Level L3

  • MLB
  • Kelly Bui
  • GAP
  • Mothercare
  • Nike 

4.6. Level L4

  • Adidas
  • Phuong Nam Bookstore
  • Phuc Lọng Coffee & Tea
  • JYSK

4.7. Level L5

  • Gogi House
  • Kichi - Kichi
  • Hao Yu
  • Sushi Hokkaido
  • Spice Temple

4.8. Level L6

  • Dim Tu Tac
  • Pizza 4P’s
  • California Centuryon Club
Saigon Center

5. Top 3 must-visit tourist attractions near Saigon Center

5.1. Nguyen Hue Street

Located in close proximity to Saigon Center, Nguyen Hue Street is one of the top tourist attractions in Ho Chi Minh City. Renowned for its vibrant ambiance and scenic beauty, this pedestrian-friendly boulevard offers a perfect blend of historical charm and modernity. Lined with majestic colonial-era buildings, lively cafes, and luxury boutiques, Nguyen Hue Street provides an ideal setting for taking leisurely strolls, capturing memorable photographs, and immersing oneself in the city's bustling atmosphere.

Saigon Center

5.2. Ben Thanh Market

Another must-visit tourist attraction near Saigon Center is the iconic Ben Thanh Market. Situated just a short distance away, this bustling market has been a symbol of Ho Chi Minh City for many years. Ben Thanh Market offers a delightful immersion into Vietnamese culture, where locals and tourists alike can explore an extensive range of goods, from handicrafts and souvenirs to clothing, jewelry, and fresh produce.

Saigon Center

5.3. Ho Chi Minh City Museum of Fine Arts

Completing the list of the top three tourist attractions near Saigon Center is Ho Chi Minh City Museum of Fine Arts. This captivating museum showcases a rich collection of both traditional and contemporary Vietnamese art. 

Housed in a beautiful colonial-era building, Ho Chi Minh City Museum of Fine Arts itself is a work of art. Inside, visitors can marvel at an extensive range of exhibits, including paintings, sculptures, ceramics, and artifacts. The museum's collection spans various periods, from ancient times to modern art movements, offering a comprehensive insight into Vietnam's artistic heritage.

Saigon Center

6. Useful tips for your shopping in Saigon Center Mall

  • Check the Saigon Center opening hours to make the most of your shopping in Ho Chi Minh City.
  • While many shops accept cards, some may only take cash, so have both payment methods on hand.
  • Be cautious of pickpockets and keep your valuables close at all times, especially in crowded areas.

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Ho Chi Minh City offers a captivating blend of history and modernity, from the iconic Landmark 81 and bustling Bui Vien Walking Street to historic landmarks like Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral, Independence Palace, and Saigon Central Post Office. Also, you can explore the city's past at the War Remnants Museum and Cu Chi Tunnels, gaining valuable insights into Vietnam's resilience. And don't miss out on Ton Duc Thang Museum, a tribute to a significant Vietnamese leader.

It is also recommended that you explore Vietnam's allure beyond Ho Chi Minh City. From the stunning beaches in Phu Quoc and Nha Trang to the ancient charm of Hoi An, from the majestic Ha Long Bay to Da Nang's beautiful beaches, Vietnam has no lack of mesmerizing destinations for an unforgettable journey.

In these destinations, you can elevate your stay to new heights by opting for the opulent hotels and resorts of Vinpearl. With luxurious accommodations, unparalleled services, and top-notch amenities, Vinpearl will provide a remarkable and unforgettable experience for all guests.

Saigon Center


Saigon Center

Last but not least, don't miss out on VinWonders, a series of entertainment complexes with thrilling attractions, captivating performances, and immersive activities for all ages!

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In conclusion, Saigon Center stands as an exquisite gateway to luxury and style in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City. With its array of high-end brands, elegant boutiques, and upscale amenities, this shopping center offers an unparalleled experience for those seeking the finest in fashion, lifestyle, dining, and more.

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