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Ton Duc Thang Museum: A worth-visiting museum in Ho Chi Minh City

26/01/2024 7.799

Ton Duc Thang Museum is one of the most captivating museums in Ho Chi Minh City. This gallery preserves the imprints of the second president of Viet Nam - Ton Duc Thang - through exhibiting numerous stories, documents, and artifacts about him.

Ton Duc Thang Museum

Ton Duc Thang Museum of Ho Chi Minh City holds an important role in disseminating the patriotism of President Ton and showing the people’s respect for him. In this article, we will give you the necessary information and tips for your upcoming visit to this interesting museum.

1. Where is Ton Duc Thang Museum? How to get there?

Ton Duc Thang Museum is located at No. 5, Ton Duc Thang Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, which is about 17 kilometers away from the city center. To get to this museum, you can either:

  • Go by bus: Some bus routes, such as No. 56, 02, 124, will take you to the museum for only 7,000 VND
  • Rent a motorbike: You also can rent a motorbike to be more flexible with your schedule, at a higher cost of 120,000 VND to 160,000 VND/bike/day
Ton Duc Thang Museum

2. The history and significance of Ton Duc Thang Museum

  • History:

The museum was established in 1988 to celebrate the 100th birthday anniversary of President Ton Duc Thang. Originally, this place was a gallery house that showed the life and career of the late president. On August 13, 1990, it had its name officially changed to Ton Duc Thang Museum.

  • Significance:

The museum focuses on introducing the history of President Ton Duc Thang in all aspects of his life. It serves the demand of researching and learning about the late president, especially his dedication to the early twentieth-century struggle movement of the workers in Saigon.

3. Opening hours and ticket fee of Ton Duc Thang Museum

The museum is open every day, except on Monday from 7:30 AM to 11:30 AM and from 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM. Entrance is free for both domestic and foreign visitors.

Ton Duc Thang Museum

4. What to explore at Ton Duc Thang Museum in Ho Chi Minh City?

The main building of the museum is divided into 5 different sections, specifically:

4.1. The exhibition “President Ton and the South”

This exhibition consists of a variety of works depicting the profound commitment of President Ton Duc Thang to the independence of South Vietnam and its people. Founded in 2015, this exhibition also commemorated his 35th death anniversary and the 40th anniversary of the liberation of the South.

4.2. The collection of presents for President Ton Duc Thang

In 2017, as a commemoration of the president's 37th death anniversary, Ho Chi Minh Museum gave 50 artifacts to Ton Duc Thang Museum. This sophisticated collection consists of gifts given by Vietnamese people and international friends to show their respect for President Ton.

Ton Duc Thang Museum

4.3. The exhibition “Uncle Ton and the First National Assembly of Vietnam”

The First National Assembly of Vietnam was one of the most influential groups for high-ranking Vietnamese officials. President Ton held two important positions in this assembly from 1946 to 1960, and his work is memorialized by numerous exhibits. Nowadays, more than 60 associated objects, documents, and pictures are stored in Ton Duc Thang Museum.

4.4. The memorial room of President Ton Duc Thang

The memorial room was opened to commemorate the contributions of President Ton Duc Thang. Here, there are two lacquer paintings depicting President Ton’s childhood with his house on stilts. Every year, governmental bodies come to the museum to offer incense and show appreciation for the late president.

Ton Duc Thang Museum

4.5. The permanent exhibitions

Ton Duc Thang Museum always has the following permanent exhibitions on display:

  • President Ton Duc Thang’s life and career: In this gallery, tourists will be taken through President Ton's most significant milestones.
  • 15 years of Con Dao Prison: Con Dao Prison used to be referred to as "hell on earth". During the 15 years of imprisonment here, Ton Duc Thang endured and worked.
  • Uncle Ton in AKT- Viet Bac: Ton Duc Thang had spent a long time working in Viet Bac Warzone, laying the groundwork for the patriotic movement here.
  • President Ton through artworks: Here, there are many lively pictures illustrating the life of the president using unique materials, such as rice or ceramics.

In addition to the four exhibitions above, Ton Duc Thang Museum also displays other themes, including Con Son Jewelry, President Ton's normal life, his hometown in An Giang, etc.

Ton Duc Thang Museum

5. The best tips for your visit to Ton Duc Thang Museum

As with other Ho Chi Minh City Museums, keep in mind of the following when visiting Ton Duc Thang Museum:

  • Follow the instructions of the museum’s staff
  • Walk lightly
  • Avoid making loud noises
  • Do not bring food or drinks into the exhibitions
  • Do not litter

After Ton Duc Thang Museum, you can visit other amazing Ho Chi Minh City Museums, such as Saigon War Remnants Museum, Ho Chi Minh City Museum of Fine Arts, History Museum of Ho Chi Minh City, Museum of Traditional Vietnamese Medicine, which are some of the best museums in Ho Chi Minh City.

Ton Duc Thang Museum is where the memory of the nation’s beloved President Ton Duc Thang is kept. With the aim of teaching, preserving, and researching the president’s life and career to the next generations, this museum is a destination not to be missed for those who love Vietnamese history.

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Ton Duc Thang Museum

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