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Best Vietnamese restaurants in Hanoi: 12 options for an authentic flavor

21/01/2024 11.941

Are you looking for guidance on the best Vietnamese restaurants in Hanoi? Look no further! Read on to find a list of the top 12 dining spots in the city.

Best Vietnamese restaurants in Hanoi

Knowing the best Vietnamese restaurants in Hanoi is essential when embarking on a Vietnam travel journey to Hanoi. In this guide, we will introduce you to the top 12 destinations throughout Vietnam’s capital. See what they have to offer and add them to your Hanoi travel itinerary.

1. Net Hue - One of the best Vietnamese restaurants in Hanoi

  • Address: 34 - 36 Thai Ha, Dong Da District
  • Opening hours: 7 AM - 10 PM

There is no shortage of options when it comes to experiencing the vibrant cuisine from the city of Hue. However, if you are seeking a place that truly captures the authentic flavors of Hue’s cuisine, Net Hue stands out as your best bet. As soon as you step foot into this charming restaurant, you are greeted by an inviting ambiance that reflects the cultural charm and elegance of Hue. The menu here is also incredible. You can choose from traditional dishes like Khoai cake to more unique items like stir-fried baby clam and grilled rice cake.

2. Cau Go Vietnamese Cuisine Restaurant

  • Address: 73 Cau Go, Hoan Kiem District
  • Opening hours: 10 AM - 10 PM

This is one of the restaurants in Vietnam’s Hanoi for fine dining. Here, you can choose from over 70 different dishes, including popular options like rice, pork, chicken and regional specialties such as stir-fried wild boar with bamboo shoots and steamed black hill chicken with sugar cane. If you are a fan of hotpots, there is chicken hotpot with basil leaves and Ba Toa beef hotpot! Moreover, with luxurious interior and attentive staff, this restaurant will bring a truly memorable dining experience. The ambiance is elegantly sophisticated, creating the perfect setting for a romantic dinner.

Best Vietnamese restaurants in Hanoi

3. Ao Quan Restaurant for Hanoi Vietnam food

  • Address: 1 Quan Nhan, Thanh Xuan District
  • Opening hours: 10 AM - 10 PM

Ao Quan is a restaurant specializing in seafood. Some notable dishes here include Sapa tuna and sturgeon. You can even try items with tortoises. If you are looking for something other than seafood, you will be glad to know that there are also chicken, pork, and buffalo dishes. Ao Quan does not stop at seafood and meat; they understand the importance of catering to all dietary preferences. With an extensive selection of plant-based options, even vegetarians and vegans can indulge in a memorable dining experience here. 

4. Goc Que - Among the best Vietnamese restaurants in Hanoi

  • Address: 183/19 Dang Tien Dong, Dong Da District
  • Opening hours: 10 AM - 11 PM

This is a famous restaurant in Hanoi for locals and tourists alike. The menu at Goc Que boasts an array of traditional Vietnamese dishes, all made with fresh locally-sourced ingredients that genuinely capture the essence of Vietnamese cuisine. From aromatic hotpots to succulent grilled meats, every dish is expertly prepared to leave your taste buds wanting more. The casual atmosphere here adds to the overall charm, making it a perfect place to enjoy a leisurely meal with friends or family.

Best Vietnamese restaurants in Hanoi

5. Phuong Nam Hanoi Vietnam Restaurant

  • Address: 13 Mai Hac De, Hai Ba Trung District
  • Opening hours: 11:30 PM - 2 PM | 5:30 PM - 9 PM

Phuong Nam is one of the best Vietnamese restaurants in Hanoi for Southern cuisine. In particular, its hotpots and rolls are fantastic. The chicken hotpot at Phuong Nam is also a true delight for taste buds. The succulent pieces of tender chicken cooked in a flavorful broth, combined with the refreshing sour-soup creepers, create a harmonious explosion of flavors.

Another must-try at Phuong Nam is rolled beef in lolot leaves, which showcases the skillful artistry of Vietnamese cuisine. Thin slices of marinated beef are carefully wrapped in aromatic lolot leaves, creating little parcels bursting with flavor. If you are craving Southern flavors, there are no better Hanoi Vietnam restaurants than Phuong Nam.

6. Quan Xua Restaurant in Hanoi

  • Address: 59/25 Lang Ha, Ba Dinh District
  • Opening hours: 10 AM - 2 PM | 5 PM - 10 PM 

Located in Hanoi’s bustling Ba Dinh District, Quan Xua is a cozy eatery offering large meal sets. Its best-sellers are snail hotpot, frog bamboo shoot hotpot, and crab paste hotpot. The chicken combo is also popular. With just 375,000 VND, you can enjoy grilled chicken, stir-fried gizzard, chicken salad, and sticky rice. Given each item’s generous portion, it is quite a steal! If you are dining in a large group, you will love Quan Xua.

Best Vietnamese restaurants in Hanoi

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7. Coco A Vietnamese Restaurant in Hanoi

  • Address: 13A Le Dai Hanh, Hai Ba Trung District 
  • Opening hours: 7:30 AM - 10 PM

Coca A is one of the best Vietnamese restaurants on Hanoi’s Le Dai Hanh Street. Here, minimalist decor creates a calming ambiance, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the restaurant’s delights. There are over 100 different dishes at Coca A. Some of its most special offerings are braised duck, braised snail with bananas and beans, and shrimp cake. The restaurant's friendly staff further enhances the overall dining experience. They are knowledgeable about the menu and are always ready to offer recommendations or answer any questions diners may have.

8. Pao Quan - One of the best Vietnamese restaurants in Hanoi

  • Address: 62/1 Tran Thai Tong, Cau Giay District
  • Opening hours: 9:30 AM - 10:30 PM

Pao Quan is among the best restaurants in Hanoi for Northwestern cuisine. There are over 20 talented chefs here, each with their own unique expertise in preparing Northwestern dishes that showcase the rich flavors of the region. Here, you can order in sets to taste a variety of harmonious dishes without spending a fortune, with the top three being the Thai antique tray, Bac Ha pork tray, and Northwestern leaf fest tray. On top of its delicious food offerings, Pao Quan often holds cultural shows for diners to learn about the region’s heritage. If you are looking for a unique dining experience, make sure you visit Pao Quan.

Best Vietnamese restaurants in Hanoi

9. Hem Quan - A famous Vietnamese restaurant in Hanoi

  • Address: 149 - 161 Hoang Cau, Dong Da District
  • Opening hours: 10 AM - 2 PM | 4:30 PM - 10:30 PM

Hem Quan is another great Hanoi Vietnam restaurant with a wide variety of dishes, from beef, chicken, duck, fish to frog. There is also a selection of hotpot options here. So, you can enjoy a very diverse dining experience at Hem Quan, which is particularly ideal for those dining in groups with many distinct palates.

Additionally, Hem Quan offers a cozy atmosphere, beautifully decorated with traditional Vietnamese elements, creating a warm and welcoming ambiance for diners. That being said, Hem Quan is also an excellent place for special occasions, like birthday parties and reunions. You will surely not regret dining here. 

10. Cua Hang An Uong Mau Dich So 37

  • Address: 136G Tran Vu, Ba Dinh District
  • Opening hours: 9 AM - 10 PM 

The moment you step into this retro restaurant, you will be transported back in time to an era filled with charm and nostalgia. Every detail, from vintage decor to classic tunes playing softly in the background, has been carefully curated to create an authentic dining setting. The restaurant’s menu features beloved dishes from yesteryears that will awaken fond memories and warm your heart. You can enjoy a traditional Vietnamese dining experience here with dishes like rice, stir-fried sweet and sour spare ribs, sauteed spinach, mussel sour soup, and fried tofu.

Best Vietnamese restaurants in Hanoi

11. HOME Vietnamese Restaurant Hanoi

  • Address: 75 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Hai Ba Trung District
  • Opening hours: 11 PM - 2 PM | 5 PM - 10 PM

HOME is easily the best Vietnamese restaurant in Hanoi Old Quarter. Not only does this restaurant offer a delectable array of authentic Vietnamese dishes, its spacious dining area can also comfortably accommodate up to 120 diners. This makes HOME an ideal choice for large groups. The restaurant's inviting ambiance and warm decor create a cozy atmosphere that instantly makes you feel at home. Another standout feature of HOME is its extensive menu, which showcases a wide variety of traditional Vietnamese delicacies. Signature dishes include deep-fried sea crab spring rolls, grilled pork lemongrass skewer, and Hanoian grilled pork with vermicelli.

12. Hanoi Garden - Among the best Vietnamese restaurants in Hanoi

  • Address: 36 Hang Manh, Hoan Kiem District
  • Opening hours: 11 PM - 2 PM | 5 PM - 10 PM 

Last but not least is Hanoi Garden at the heart of Hanoi Old Quarter, which has been serving delectable dishes since 1998. Its a-la-carte menu boasts over 50 dishes, from traditional options like salted fried pork ribs and fried egg squid with fish sauce to unique twists such as tempura tofu with salted egg and roasted beef in bamboo stalk. There are also pork and poultry dishes. If you are bored of rice, you can choose salads, noodles, and hotpots too. In addition to its diverse dishes, Hanoi Garden has a large selection of beverages, from soft drinks, fruit juice to beer and wine.

Best Vietnamese restaurants in Hanoi

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*The details in this guide are for reference purposes only and may change over time. If you are planning to visit these establishments, it is recommended that you contact them for the most up-to-date information.

After dining at the best restaurants in Hanoi, don't forget to visit the city’s top attractions, including Hanoi Old Quarter, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Ba Dinh Square, Temple of Literature, Hoan Kiem Lake, Ngoc Son Temple, The Huc Bridge, Hoa Lo Prison, St. Joseph's Cathedral, Hanoi Opera House.

Notably, VinKE & Vinpearl Aquarium Times City and VinWonders Wave Park & Water Park are also wonderful destinations that you should not miss out on. At VinKE & Vinpearl Aquarium, you can take part in educational games and explore Vietnam’s marine world. In the latter, you can go on exciting water slides and partake in thrilling water activities to cool off the summer heat.

>>> Book tickets of VinKE & Vinpearl Aquarium and VinWonders Wave Park & Water Park to complete your trip in Hanoi! 

Aside from Hanoi, you can go to Phu Quoc, Nha Trang, Hoi An, and Ha Long to fully immerse yourself in Vietnam’s charm. In these destinations, be sure to choose Vinpearl’s hotels and resorts for accommodation. At Vinpearl, in addition to luxurious rooms, you will get to enjoy all-inclusive amenities, including spas, gyms, pools, kids' playgrounds, and much more.

From Vinpearl, you can head to the entertainment paradise of VinWonders, where there are countless activities for you to create cherished memories.

Best Vietnamese restaurants in Hanoi


Best Vietnamese restaurants in Hanoi

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While exploring Vietnam’s capital city, it is handy to have a list of the best Vietnamese restaurants in Hanoi. All the above-mentioned establishments are great spots that will surely satisfy your taste buds. Whether you are seeking a fine dining experience or a casual meal, Hanoi has a diverse culinary scene that caters to all preferences.

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