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Sapa to Hanoi: Distance, travel time, and popular transportation options

26/01/2024 8.211

Sapa and Hanoi are amazing destinations for those visiting Vietnam’s northern regions. If you are considering a combined trip to both places, you will want to know how to go from Sapa to Hanoi. Read on for all the details.

Sapa to Hanoi

Going from Sapa to Hanoi is a common option for visitors looking to explore more than one destination in Vietnam on a single trip. The journey itself is also an opportunity to glimpse into the country's rich cultural heritage, breathtaking natural beauty, and vibrant city life. Continue reading to learn all the essentials and prepare for your Sapa to Hanoi travel

1. What is the distance from Sapa to Hanoi? How long does it take to travel?

The distance between Sapa and Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital, is approximately 365 kilometers when traveling by road. The travel time varies from 5 to 11 hours, depending on the mode of transportation and the specific route taken.

2. How to get from Sapa to Hanoi on your trip?

2.1. Sapa to Hanoi by train

Traveling from Sapa to Hanoi by train is a popular option for many travelers in Vietnam. The train ride provides scenic views of the countryside and can be a more comfortable and relaxing mode of transportation compared to buses or cars.

The train from Sapa to Hanoi usually departs from Lao Cai, which is the nearest town to Sapa and serves as a transportation hub for the area. The ride typically takes around 8 to 9 hours, depending on the specific train and its schedule.

There are different types of trains available, including both day and night trains. Some Sapa - Hanoi tour trains offer more luxurious and comfortable options with sleeper cabins, while others have basic seating arrangements. 

Sapa to Hanoi

2.2. Sapa to Hanoi by limousine bus

Traveling to Hanoi from Sapa by limousine bus is another convenient option for transportation in Vietnam. Limousine buses offer a more luxurious and comfortable experience compared to regular buses, typically providing spacious seating, onboard amenities, and sometimes even Wi-Fi.

The journey usually takes around 5 to 6 hours, depending on the traffic conditions and the specific route taken. Limousine buses typically have scheduled departures throughout the day, allowing for flexibility in choosing a departure time that suits your travel plans. 

2.3. Sapa to Hanoi by passenger bus

Traveling from Sapa to Hanoi by passenger bus is a common and cheap option. Several bus companies operate on this route, providing regular services throughout the day. Going from Sapa to Hanoi by bus usually takes around 6 to 8 hours.

Passenger buses offer various seating options, ranging from standard seats to more comfortable and spacious seats. Some buses may also provide amenities such as air conditioning and onboard Wi-Fi, although this can vary depending on the bus company and the specific service you choose.

To travel by passenger bus to Hanoi, you can check with local bus companies or travel agencies in Sapa for schedules, prices, and ticket availability. 

Sapa to Hanoi

2.4. Sapa to Hanoi by private car

Traveling from Sapa to Hanoi by private car is another convenient option, as it allows you to have more control over your journey. It offers the flexibility to stop at scenic spots along the way and travel at your own pace. However, it can be more expensive compared to other modes of transportation.

It can take from 5 to 6 hours to reach Hanoi from Sapa, but the exact duration may vary based on the route you choose and any stops you make along the way.

To arrange a private car for your Sap Hanoi tour, you can book through local transportation companies or hire a car with a driver. It is advisable to book in advance to ensure availability and negotiate the price. Additionally, make sure to clarify any specific requirements you may have, such as the number of passengers, luggage capacity, and any stops or detours you wish to make during the trip.

Private car services provide the convenience of door-to-door transportation and can be tailored to your preferences. However, it is essential to ensure that you choose a reliable and licensed transportation provider to ensure your safety and comfort throughout the ride.

2.5. Sapa to Hanoi by motorbike

Traveling to Hanoi by motorbike is a popular option for adventurous travelers who enjoy the freedom and flexibility of two-wheeled transportation. You can travel at your own pace and make stops along the way. However, this option requires careful preparation and consideration of safety factors.

The duration of the journey can vary depending on factors such as your riding speed, road conditions, weather, and the number of stops you make. On average, it can take around 10 to 11 hours, but this can be longer or shorter, depending on your circumstances.

Before embarking on a motorbike trip from Sapa to Hanoi, it is crucial to ensure that you have a valid motorbike license and are experienced and confident in riding long distances. It is also important to have proper safety gear, including helmets, protective clothing, and suitable riding equipment.

Plan your route in advance, considering scenic spots, fuel stations, and potential rest stops along the way. You must be aware of traffic rules, road conditions, and weather conditions for your Sapa Hanoi itinerary as well. 

Sapa to Hanoi

Once you are in Hanoi, you can visit Hanoi Old Quarter, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Presidential Palace, Temple of Literature, One Pillar Pagoda, Ta Hien Street, Dong Xuan Market, Hanoi Opera House, Hoan Kiem Lake, Long Bien Bridge, Bat Trang Pottery Village, etc. as part of your Hanoi itinerary

Another great destination to consider is VinKE & Vinpearl Aquarium Times City. Here, you can participate in educational games and observe impressive marine species. If you are traveling to Hanoi with your little ones, this is definitely a must-visit destination! 

Sapa to Hanoi


Sapa to Hanoi

>>> Book tickets of VinKE & Vinpearl Aquarium for some family fun in Hanoi!

Apart from Sapa and Hanoi, you can also visit Phu Quoc, Nha Trang, Hoi An, Da Nang, and Ha Long on your Vietnam travel. These destinations offer a diverse range of experiences that showcase the beauty and culture of Vietnam.

To enhance your stay in these places, you can consider accommodations at Vinpearl hotels and resorts. Vinpearl is a renowned hospitality brand in Vietnam that operates a collection of luxurious hotels and resorts across the country. Its properties are known for having exceptional service, beautiful locations, and world-class amenities. 

Sapa to Hanoi


Sapa to Hanoi

By staying at Vinpearl hotels and resorts in Phu Quoc, Nha Trang, Hoi An, Da Nang, or Ha Long, you can further elevate your travel experience and enjoy the comforts and indulgence they offer.

You should also spend time at VinWonders, which offers immersive and entertaining experiences for visitors of all ages. Here, you can enjoy a wide range of attractions, thrilling rides, and engaging entertainment shows.

>>> Book rooms in Vinpearl Phu Quoc, Vinpearl Nha Trang, Vinpearl Resort & Golf Nam Hoi An, Vinpearl Resort & Spa Ha Long unwind in comfortable accommodations after a day of exploration!

There are several transportation options to travel from Sapa to Hanoi. No matter which you choose, the journey from Sapa to Hanoi offers an opportunity to experience the richness of Vietnamese culture and immerse yourself in the stunning natural beauty of the region.

Along the way, you can witness the vibrant ethnic minority cultures, indulge in delicious local cuisine, and interact with friendly locals who will leave a lasting impression. Make sure to enjoy the diverse landscapes and capture memorable moments! 

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